Montgomery Preservation Award

Peerless Rockville is excited to announce that we are the recipients of a Special Achievement Award for our heritage education programs and events from Montgomery Preservation. Please join us this Friday, March 27th, at the Montgomery County Awards for Historic Preservation to celebrate excellence in historic preservation in Montgomery County.


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Montgomery County History Day Needs Judges

NatlhistdayThe Montgomery County Historical Society is looking for judges for Montgomery County History Day on March 14th at Richard Montgomery High School. Students do research on a historical topic, then create a presentation in one of five formats (paper, exhibit, documentary, performance, or website), and receive feedback from judges that helps them learn and improve. The theme for 2015 is “Leadership and Legacy.”

Students competing at the county level have the opportunity to qualify for state and national competition. No prior experience is necessary to be a judge, all training and information will be provided.

To apply to be a judge, fill out this Form and return it to Amanda M. Elliott at Questions or concerns can also be taken at 301-340-2825.

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Montgomery County Council Renovation Plans Halted

The Montgomery County Council has set aside the renovation plans involving Rockville’s Historic Courthouse Square District. Thank you to all who contacted them with concerns. Your comments let them know that Rockville values its heritage and expects thoughtfulness in all decisions concerning these buildings.  Peerless Rockville will stay on top of this matter and keep you informed of any future plans for these landmark buildings.


The Grey Courthouse under construction in the 1930s; 1891 Red Brick Courthouse in background.

We hope to see the Grey Courthouse returned to active use, soon. As an important and centrally-located part of Rockville’s identity, we support adaptive reuse of this building, be it as a center of local government or another civic or community purpose. Together, the 1891 Red Brick Courthouse, the 1931 Grey Courthouse and the 1961 modernist Courthouse addition eloquently represent the legal system in  Montgomery County and more than a half a century of profound changes in American architectural styles. They are an important part of downtown Rockville’s landscape and should be preserved and protected in any consideration of future use.

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Director David Dise, Montgomery County Department of General Services, to attend tonight’s Mayor and Council Meeting

Today, March 2nd, Department of General Services Director David Dise will be present at 7:40pm, at the Mayor and Council Meeting. He will hear questions on the Montgomery County Council proposal to renovate the Grey Courthouse in Courthouse Square, Rockville.

The Grey Courthouse under construction in the 1930s.

This proposal involves a possible renovation of the 1931 Grey Courthouse, demolition of the 1960s wing which fronts South Washington Street, and a new addition to the rear elevation facing Jefferson Street. While Peerless Rockville supports reuse of the Grey Courthouse, the current proposal threatens the historic character and integrity of these buildings and this important block in downtown Rockville.

Read Peerless Rockville’s letter to the County Council.

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Possible Renovations Threaten the Red Brick and Grey Courthouses


The Grey Courthouse under construction in the 1930s.

The Montgomery County Council is considering a complete renovation of the 1891 Red Brick Courthouse, the 1931 Grey Courthouse, demolition of the 1960s wing of the Grey Courthouse that fronts South Washington Street, and a new addition to the rear elevation facing Jefferson Street. They are accepting public comment until

Monday, March 2nd at 5 pm

Rockville Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton has requested that the County Council and City of Rockville work together to preserve the character-defining elements, which are vitally important to Rockville and Montgomery County history.

What You Can Do!

Peerless Rockville invites our membership, partners, and interested residents who value the historical integrity of these buildings, to contact their elected representatives on the County Council and tell them that any renovations to the buildings in historic Courthouse Square should preserve the integrity of the exterior of the courthouses, the ceremonial courtrooms, and the historic setting of these buildings.

  • the buildings in historic Courthouse Square are an integral part of Rockville’s heritage and character and deeply valued by the Rockville community and Peerless Rockville members
  • the 1891 Red Brick Courthouse and 1931 Grey Court House are designated local, State and National Historical Landmarks that together represent the legal system and profound periods of growth in Montgomery County and the City of Rockville
  • The buildings have high historical integrity and represent more than 70 years of profound changes in American architectural styles
  • County Council members should work closely with the City of Rockville to cooperatively determine the best use of these landmark buildings
  • The County Council must seriously consider the financial and environmental wisdom of demolishing an existing structure only to undertake the public expenditure of new construction
Contact the County Council 

Comments in Writing will be received at:
Council’s Office of Legislative Information Services, 5th Floor
Council Office Building
100 Maryland Ave
Rockville, MD 20850


More Information 

Peerless Rockville and Friends of the Red Brick Courthouse raised private and public funds to restore the Red Brick Courthouse Grand Courtroom to its original appearance.

As a tenant of almost 30 years, Peerless Rockville has ensured public access to the Red Brick Courthouse, acting as a resource for Rockville and Montgomery County residents and tourists interested in heritage. We look forward to working with any design team that might propose external alterations to ensure the protection of the historic character of this location.

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