Peerless Rockville Seeks Nominations for 2014 Awards

Peerless Rockville’s annual awards program recognizes outstanding achievement in the design, maintenance, and preservation of Rockville’s community. The awards showcase exemplary contributions to the City’s quality of life by honoring individuals, organizations, institutions, and businesses whose projects, activities, or programs contribute to Rockville’s architectural character and/or cultural heritage.

This year Peerless Rockville will accept nominations until October 10, 2014. Award categories include:

The Kol Shalom Synagogue received a 2013 award for excellence in new design and construction and green design
The Kol Shalom Synagogue was the recipient of a 2013 award for excellence in new design, construction and green design

1. Stewardship of historic property
2. Architect, designer, builder
3. Craftsperson, artist
4. Business, organization, institution
5. Preservation, restoration
6. Rehabilitation, renovation
7. Adaptive use
8.  New design, construction
9.  Green design
10. Compatible infill, addition
11. Landscape design
12. Public art
13. Educational outreach
14. Other

Nominations will also be considered for the Wagman Award for Historic Preservation Communication honoring outstanding achievements by writers, educators, historians, visual and performing artists, and members of the press and broadcast media whose work has heightened public awareness of Rockville’s architectural and cultural heritage, growth and development. Instituted in 2001, the award is named for Arthur M. Wagman, a founding Peerless Rockville and its attorney for the first thirty years.

Click here for a 2014 Awards Nomination Form. For additional information please send an email to or call  301-762-0096.

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