Montgomery County Council Renovation Plans Halted

The Montgomery County Council has set aside the renovation plans involving Rockville’s Historic Courthouse Square District. Thank you to all who contacted them with concerns. Your comments let them know that Rockville values its heritage and expects thoughtfulness in all decisions concerning these buildings.  Peerless Rockville will stay on top of this matter and keep you informed of any future plans for these landmark buildings.


The Grey Courthouse under construction in the 1930s; 1891 Red Brick Courthouse in background.

We hope to see the Grey Courthouse returned to active use, soon. As an important and centrally-located part of Rockville’s identity, we support adaptive reuse of this building, be it as a center of local government or another civic or community purpose. Together, the 1891 Red Brick Courthouse, the 1931 Grey Courthouse and the 1961 modernist Courthouse addition eloquently represent the legal system in  Montgomery County and more than a half a century of profound changes in American architectural styles. They are an important part of downtown Rockville’s landscape and should be preserved and protected in any consideration of future use.

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