Call For Nominations

Awards Logo For WebHelp us nominate excellent construction, renovation, restoration, landscaping, preservation, or education  projects in Rockville!

Have you completed the restoration of your home, or know a neighbor who did? Have you been involved in or seen new construction or renovation, notable for its sustainable or compatible features? Do you know an impressive landscaping project? Do you know an organization that has put forth a noble effort to promote Rockville’s heritage? If yes, then nominate them for a Peerless Rockville 2016 Award.

Peerless Rockville recognizes
outstanding achievement in the design, maintenance, and preservation of Rockville’s built environment, as well as projects and activities that contribute to the community’s heritage and character.



The City is ever developing and our awards seek to recognize exemplary projects representing the evolving buildings of our community, from Rockville’s early history to today! Peerless recognizes home owners, architects, builders, craftsmen, artists, volunteer groups, and others who do great work in Rockville.

Click here to view last year’s winners.

If you know of a worthy project, please fill out and return the below form by September 15, 2016.


Click here to download the nomination form.

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