The Judicial Center Annex


The Judicial Center Annex in 2015


Representatives from Montgomery County and AECOM accept the Peerless award from Rockville Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton. (Photo by Dean Evangelista.)

The Judicial Center Annex is a handsome large-scale compatible addition to the 1981 Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse.  Peerless Rockville awards AECOM Design of Arlington, Virginia, architects, and the Montgomery County Department of General Services, Office of Special Projects for designing this project. The six-story annex features 14 new courtrooms, office and administrative spaces, support spaces for Family Services, among other amenities.  The project includes additional renovation to the 1981 Circuit Court facility and several new landscaped gardens and plaza areas along Maryland Avenue and Jefferson Street.  The South Tower Annex was designed to serve as a community landmark and a symbol of the American justice system.  It earned a Gold LEED certification through energy efficient and sustainable features.