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Chestnut Lodge, c. 1900

Chestnut Lodge

On February 27, Rockville Mayor and Council voted 4-1 to authorize  the City Manager to execute a contract of sale for the purchase of the historic Chestnut Lodge property at 500 W. Montgomery Avenue, Rockville. This purchase would be contingent upon the City acquiring two immediately adjacent parcels of land from the Chestnut Lodge Community for the purpose of creating a passive public park. Peerless Rockville is pleased with this outcome and applauds the City for thoughtfully considering the future of this important parcel and undertaking this effort to preserve it for the benefit of all Rockville residents. Stay tuned for future updates.


The statue in its current location

The Confederate Veterans Statue

On February 28, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett announced that the statue, currently located next to the Old Red Brick Courthouse, has been transferred to private ownership and will moved to private property at White’s Ferry in northwestern Montgomery County. The statue will remain on display and accessible to the public. No date has been announced for the move.

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