Act Now! Chestnut Lodge Park – Name Nomination Deadline January 19th!

The City of Rockville is asking for public help naming the future park located at 500 W. Montgomery Ave, the former site of the historic Woodlawn Hotel and Chestnut Lodge. Read more about the history of Chestnut Lodge here.

As the location of one of Rockville’s most significant heritage sites, the name of this park is an opportunity to commemorate the world-renowned psychiatric institute that was a Rockville landmark for over a century. Peerless encourages a name that respects this important history and preserves the name of this long-standing piece of our community: Chestnut Lodge Park.

Peerless proudly preserves the home of Frieda Fromme-Reichmann and serves as a resource on her important work, but the legacy of Chestnut Lodge goes beyond a single individual. The new park offers the opportunity to commemorate this important piece of Rockville’s heritage and ensure that the name of this parcel over the past century continues into the future.
The West End Citizen’s Association has a petition in favor of this name here.
You may send your suggestions to the City Clerk/Director of Council Operations at or City Clerk/Director of Council Operations Office, 111 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD 20850.

The Recreation and Parks Advisory Board will review submitted names. The board then makes its recommendation to the Mayor and Council, which has the final decision-making authority.

If you would like to support the naming of this property after Chestnut Lodge, please cut and paste the following text and submit it to the Advisory Board:

Dear Recreation and Parks Advisory Board,

I nominate “Chestnut Lodge Park” as the name for the newest city park at 500 W. Montgomery Avenue. This name commemorates Chestnut Lodge, the internationally-renowned hospital at this site for over a 100 years. This institution was culturally, geographically, and historically significant to Rockville and to the park location itself; its importance as a whole should be commemorated over the name of any individual associated with it. Chestnut Lodge Park will ensure the preservation of this heritage and allow future generations to learn about it despite the loss of the building.


[Your Name]


The deadline for submission is Friday, Jan. 19.

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